Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, Candy Kitchen, New Mexico

The Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is for "wolf-dogs" who people have thought would make good pets, from breeders, or rescued from horrible conditions. Most of the animals are not true wolfs, but bred with dogs so are part dogs.  There are others that are just dogs, like German Shepherds, but their owners kept them caged or chained with no human contact.  These animals have been rescued from sad conditions, where they have been abused and abandoned, so it's nice to see them being taken care of.  The volunteers here take good care of the animals, even though some of the animals won't even let a human near them. Our guide was an exchange person from Barcelona, Spain, who comes to the Sanctuary year after year to help the animals.

Our Guide with New Guinea Singing Dog

The Sanctuary tries real hard to pair the animals with a mate and watch them closely to see how they react with each other and work to make sure they are content, either alone or with a mate.

Among the different types of animals they have, besides the wolf-dog, are New Guinea Singing Dogs, a fox, coyote, Australian dingo, Huskies, and even wolves.

To get to the sanctuary was an hours drive from Grants down Hwy 53, then two other turns, the last one a 4-mile dirt washboard road, which seemed to beat the truck to death (and us). 

The Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. They are regulated by the USDA, but receive no government grants. They are blessed with great vet care. A lot goes into the care of the rescues, especially the seniors. Everyone is checked several times throughout the day. Those that let them touch them are checked for lumps or injuries. They also check the gait, fur, eyes, appetite, energy, etc. as well as checking their habitats for changes in droppings or vomit. 

 The enclosures are made to simulate their own outdoor habitat. They were all chilling while the tour was going on - it was not the time of day for them to be active, since most wild animals are active at dusk and dawn (or all night).

The animals eat raw meat, which is donated by Sysco Foods, Roadrunner foodbank, and a New Mexico butcher.  They have a freezer to store the raw meat so it does not go to waste, as most of the meat they receive is at the end of its "good til" date.

Australian Dingos

The Fox
They rescued one fox from a zoo that went out of business who was also at the zoo with some other wolves.  When they heard each other at the Sanctuary they talked with each other and were very happy to know they were together.

There were lots of fun and happy stories about the different animals who love their mates, have lost their mates, and found new loves.  There were also some that came together from the same horrid conditions, but now have peace.

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  1. It's so good to know a place like this exists for the animals. I wish we could go see them, but we're in a Prius that probably wouldn't do too well on a "washboard" road. Great blog, Gayle!