Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Disaster Averted and Work Accomplished

Lately I had been noticing that on one side of the trailer when I put the chocks in between the tires that the chock was getting harder and harder to fit between the tires. By the time we got to Williams, Arizona I could not get it between the tires, so I asked Jim to try, and he could not get it to fit.  I decided to feel the tire and noticed that it was wearing on the inside.  This was puzzling to us and we thought maybe the axle got bent somehow.  We have a Dexter axle which is bolted to the frame of the trailer, and does not bend. He called the company and talked with a technician, who also stated that the axle should not bend.

New Tires

So, we were perplexed by what was going on, so we had an RV mobile service come out today to look at the tire and try to figure out what was going on. He looked and looked, down on the ground looking behind the tires; measured here and there and was also puzzled as to why the tire was wearing.  Then he looked at the tires from the inside and said they were even but they weren't even on the outside.  Then he measured the size of the tires - they were different and he deduced that the tire was separating.

You are probably asking - how did we avert disaster? What would have happened had that tire separated while we were driving 60mph down the highway? I'll tell you.  It would have ripped into the trailer causing severe damage.  That tire sits right under the holding tanks and water filter area underneath my bench seat.  It might also have destroyed the hot water tank and bathroom area.  

We called a local auto repair shop who was highly recommended in the area and they just happened to have four new trailer tires in stock.  So we packed everything up and drove the trailer over there and had new tires put on. The owner confirmed that the tire was separating (and that they were crappy tires). We had them put on in May 2012 by Camping World, Goodyear Marathon - made in China (but they all are now). We were told that they were not good tires, but at least they lasted us almost five years, even though they only had 19,000 miles on them.

Now we have four new Cooper tires, rated higher than the other ones with more ply and weight rating. Those are our new tires in the above picture. (Jim called J&J to ask about a warranty on our new tires, and the owner told him that another tire was separating on the other side of the trailer - we are really, really happy that this was discovered before anything serious happened.  We are happy with our four new tires.)


The work we accomplished today was fixing the fan in the bedroom and putting the mudflap back on that got ripped off when we were in Jerome, Arizona one day.

All in all, it was a good day for getting work done.  (I even got the laundry done.) 

Wednesday we are taking our trip to the Grand Canyon.

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