Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Big Blue Crab & Rockport Art, Rockport Beach, Texas

Located by Rockport Beach, the Big Blue Crab was reconstructed by a local artist after the first one deteriorated and was removed.  The crab was once a landmark for the community, and at one time sat atop a restaurant, Del Mar Grill.  The Grill's specialty was crab cakes, which is why they featured the large crab on top of the building. 

The crab is believed to have been anywhere from 18 to 20 feet wide and 25 feet deep from fin to claw.  The crab was constructed from rebar, chicken wire, fiberglass and paper mache.  It survived two major hurricanes, Carla and Beulah.  In 1965 the grill closed and the crab was moved from its perch atop the building to a new home in Navigation Park (now known as Veterans Memorial Park).  The crab sat in its new home throughout the 1970's where tourists and locals were able to enjoy the crab and use it as a background for pictures. The crab also survived its third hurricane, Celia.

Eventually time took its toll and the crab developed holes underneath and subsequently a leg fell off. the crab was later buried on property between Rockport and Aransas Pass.

Local artist David Allgood reconstructed the fiberglass crab, which resembles the original one.  The original crab was constructed as a male, but when it was repainted it was given female colors.  That is why the new crab is a male and female mix. Allgood worked on the crab almost day and night hoping to complete it before the summer of 2012 was over, however, the crab did not get placed in its new home until August 2012.

Unfortunately, the Big Blue Crab was destroyed when Hurricane Harvey hit the area in 2017. Work is underway to restore the crab and they are trying to raise funds to build a new crab.

Tree in the middle of a street

Wind blown trees

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