Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sitting Bull Falls Recreation Area, New Mexico

Our first trip in the Carlsbad area  took us to Sitting Bull Falls.  Trip took about 45 minutes, about 35 miles on winding roads through the mountains. The water comes up from a spring and runs along the mountain top, dropping at Sitting Bull Falls, to travel along the mountain until it disappears under ground. The water felt good on our feet - cool but not cold.  The dogs loved the water and would have enjoyed being let off leash to run and play, but there were too many people there today.  Talked with the camp host and another National Forest employee who, as usual, tells us about applying for the job.  The drive there took us through open range land where we had to stop to let some cowboys on horses pass as they round up the cattle. 

Wild Rock Formation

Check out the rock formation on this last photo, how rounded it is.  The water coming through the area to form the rocks must have been massive.

Here is a crazy sign we passed, going in both directions.  I wonder how long we would have to sit and wait for the gas to pass before being able to proceed???

All in all, it was an interesting day.  Met a young couple who happened to be behind us on the way in.  Almost did not get a parking space but luckily one was open.  The young couple parallel parked since they were in such small car.  When we ate lunch we just so happened to stop under the pavilion that they had put their stuff, so we were able to talk with them for awhile.  Their daughter is 4 and we were told that she just is not listening today - seems she just got back from a visit with her grandparents who let her get away with stuff. 

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