Thursday, July 30, 2015

Duck Commander, West Monroe, LA

While making our way from New Mexico to Florida at the end of July, we found ourselves in West Monroe, LA for the night.  Jim happened to mention that he thought the Duck Commander headquarters was somewhere in the area, so I looked it up and low and behold, it was right in the same city we were staying. We also discovered transmission fluid dripping from the bottom of the engine and decided to have that checked out as well.  The next morning after getting the transmission checked out, we went to the Duck Commander Warehouse.  Their store is really cool, and we bought Jacklyn a coffee cup with the quote "arise, kill, eat" (Acts 10:13), which Joe has now confiscated.

This is the place where most of the action and antics on the show take place, and is still an active part of the ongoing family business.  Unfortunately, none of the Robertson family members were there that day, so we just got a picture outside in front of the sign.

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