Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sunset Isle, Cedar Key, Florida

Arrived at Sunset Isle in Cedar Key early afternoon.  It was only an hour drive from Crystal River.  This place is a lot more crowded and smaller than I remember it from when the TCT had a rally here.  We are right on the water and there is a dock right behind our trailer that is open to all of the people here so we have people walking through our site to get to the dock.  

We only spent two nights in Cedar Key at Sunset Isle RV Park & MotelThe yard is fairly large but the other sites are so small and packed in.  I would not be able to stay here for very long; I felt claustrophobic with all the trailers so close together. They are crammed in so tight I had to move our truck just so one neighbor could get out and another get in.  Also could not get WiFi and the cable was horrid. 

I was, however, hard to leave Sunset Isle and all the friends we made, even in the short two days we were there.  Sunset Isle is a community oriented park and the folks there are very friendly and looking to make friends.  Also to our surprise Forrest and Jeri Bone showed up on Monday after being at a TCT Rally.  Such a small world; there were about 3-4 other TCT members at the park as well. 

Took the dogs on a long walk this afternoon down Hwy 24 then through a neighborhood.  At the other end was a nature trail that we walking along and I found a geocache at the end of it.

We visited with Dan & Jonell Anderson, a couple we met while working at Amazon in 2012, and even discovered that Forrest & Jeri Bone arrived for a few days.  Such a small world.  The park was nice and quaint; painted to attract people and give it a homey, welcome feel.  The food was real good at their café and they make some wonderful fudge, which Jim & I bought some of - there was such a variety it was hard to choose.

The sunsets from the campground were great; all we had to do was walk out onto the deck and watch.

We drove into Cedar Key one day and went to a museum but did not go in; we did walk the nature trail there though. Then we went to a boardwalk along Gulf Blvd. next to a cemetery. Found a geocache along the boardwalk and finally dropped off the trackable that I picked up in Tennessee. At the end of the boardwalk was a nice picnic area with a beach and exercise stops.

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