Saturday, January 18, 2014

Crystal River, Florida

We arrived at Crystal Isles RV Resort on January 10 and spent a week with Bill & Julie.  We explored thrift stores and got some seafood for dinner one night. Saturday was cleaning and laundry day, before Bill & Julie's arrival.  Went out to dinner Saturday night and Sunday took a bike ride down W. Fort Island Trail to the end of the road.  The end was a pier and beach where a lot of people went to swim and relax.  Tons of birds there as well.  Took some pictures of the area, which are posted in the Photo Gallery.

Tuesday went to the grocery store after breakfast to stock up and get dinner food.  Bill cooked an early dinner of salmon, sweet potatoes and green beans.  It was all quite delicious.

We rode our bikes 9.5 miles down W. Fort Island Road to the end, walked around a bit, then rode back.

Wednesday night we went to a show staring Denny Yeary and Sheila Renee, the Sweethearts of Branson.  They put on quite a good show and we really enjoyed it.  Bought some of their CD's as well.  They sing a lot of oldie songs, mostly country.

Thursday Bill took us to Weekee Wachee to see the mermaids putting on a show in the springs.  They were actually in the spring water and the guests sat on the other side of a clear wall that is underwater.  They put on the Ariel show.  It was quite enjoyable.  Then we saw a reptile show where the hostess showed us some snakes, turtles and an alligator.  Then we took a boat ride on the spring water and saw some manatee who came to get away from the colder water.

We drove to the end of W. Fort Island Road to view the sunset and were blessed with a fantastic sunset.

Also took a few pictures around the area, a birding trail where I took the dogs for a walk, and at a wine tasting we went to one afternoon when Nick visited Jim. Did a lot of walking around the campground walking the dogs. Unfortunately there was no place to let them loose so they could run around.  They did get to run around the campsite a little bit, but there were so many dogs there, that was hard to do as well. 

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