Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Wedding of Lisa & Justin, Orlando, Florida

One of the things that brought us to Florida was the wedding of Lisa, the daughter of our good friends Bill & Julie Mars, to Justin Kelly. 

Lisa and Justin met, of all places, at yoga class ~ a very unique and funny story. In Lisa's words:

"In the late summer of 2016 I had this odd feeling that the Lord wanted me to start going to yoga. It was such a foreign thought, like maybe someone was whispering a suggestion in my ear because, I've never had any curiosity or desire to go to yoga. In fact, I had such an off-putting experience in college that I'd told several friends I'd never go. But, like I said, the thought kept lingering in my mind like God wanted me to go. It popped up over several weeks and finally I said, 'Ok! I'll do this if you really want me to but seriously? Yoga?!' 

A few weeks and a few more odd reminders after that exchange, I bravely put on my stretchy pants and found a ratty old yoga mat a roommate left behind and started class. I'd attended a couple classes midday when I could step out of work and was mostly in the company of stay at home moms and retirees with the exception of one young guy who seemed quite out I of place. I thought, 'What the heck is that guy doing here in the middle of the day?! Doesn't he have a job?' A couple of weeks in, we'd chatted briefly after class and a little while after I told him I worked in a cafe nearby and he should stop in sometime. Well, he did, and we were all sorts of awkward. From there Justin invited me to a google chat to which I asked, 'Can I just give you my phone number?' 

Our first date was to a charity foodie event in Winter Park (sponsored by our favorite BBQ heroes) and by the end of the night I decided I'd give this guy a shot because he made me laugh so hard I could hardly breathe. From there our journey has been marked by lots of food and random adventures suited for senior citizens (including glamping with my parents). We've shared laughter over miles, meals, and made so many new memories.

It's been a crazy adventure of ups and downs and learning how to not be single but I think we both agree, especially now, that we are God's gift of friendship and love to each other. It's not been a fairy tale romance, but one in which we see more and more as time rolls on, that we're so good for each other and He's given us such sweet and deep love for each other. The fact that two foodies, who love Saturday morning cartoons and wandering at farmers markets and playing in the garden, met at yoga, seems like a God thing. We're so excited we get to live our lives together and that we're surrounded by so many who have loved us so well. We're ecstatic about this next chapter that we get to share it with you! We can't wait to begin our journey as Husband and Wife on February 16th and to have you celebrate this big step with us!!! We love you and Praise God for His goodness to us!" (End of story.)

Looks like they're enjoying Saturday morning cartoons
I found some pictures of Lisa & Justin from The Knot photos of them throughout the year previous to their marriage. They're such an adorable couple. I am looking forward to getting to know Justin better throughout the future years Since we have known Lisa since she was about 2 years old, we are blessed to be a part of her future.

The wedding took place on February 16, 2019 at 4:00pm at The Acre in Orlando, Florida. It was a beautiful place for a wedding and the weather was perfect. 

Lisa was a tad excited about her upcoming wedding, and Justin had a big smile on his face as well.

Pre-wedding pictures ~ before all the guests showed up, and pictures from other get togethers, plus post-wedding pictures mixed in as well.

Lisa's bridesmaids were some of her best friends. Her Matron of Honor was her best friend, Danika Hansen, along with April, Cathy, Jess, Kelly, Lacey, Libby, Megan, Naomi, Rachel, Shannon, and Tricia. 

The Bridesmaid's dresses were all different, something I had not seen in weddings. Usually the dresses are all the same, but Lisa's bridesmaids all had on different dresses. It was really nice.

Jacob Mars (Garrett & Rene) Lisa's nephew, was the ring bearer. The flower girls were Hannah and Juliane Mars (Woody & Rachael), Lisa's nieces. 

I know there are going to be many professional pictures of Lisa & Justin, but the ones I am putting in here were taken by friends and family who posted their pictures on Facebook.

The Wedding Cake with chocolate cupcakes and cookies, as well as a candy table. Lisa's theme for the wedding was alligators. Each table had a small baggie filled with white M&M's and a gummy alligator in their water glass, and each table had small nicknack type alligators on them as well. 

Julie's nephew Curry Caputo did a great You Tube video of the wedding:

More pictures of the wedding venue with friends and family:

Juliann with her brother Stephen & sisters, Amy, Leigh, and Mary

Gayle & Jim Kerch; Jacklyn Rhodes

Justin, Lisa, Josh Kerch

Woody, Josh, Garrett

Bill Mars & Josh Kerch

Rachael Mars & Juliann Mars
Justin with his Mom, Leona Kelly

Leona Kelly with Juliann & Bill Mars

Juliann & Josh

Josh & Juliane

The Newly Weds walk through the sparklers after the reception. 

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