Friday, August 18, 2017

Cape Perpetua, Thor's Well, Brays Point, Oregon Coast

Cape Perpetua is another national recreation area in the Siuslaw National Forest system. There are awe-inspiring views, tide pools and old-growth forest. It also has 26 miles of trails, none of which we walked. At 802 feet, it is a spectacular view down the coast. The CCC served as a lookout for enemy ships and planes during WWII. We drove up to Cape Perpetua to see Thor's Well, (also known as 'Spouting Horn'), which is a fountain/sinkhole, which is driven by the immense currents of the Pacific Ocean.  I actually walked down onto the rocks to Thor's Well (with the dogs) to get these pictures.

From Cape Perpetua we drove back south and stopped at Brays Point and got a few more pictures of the Oregon coast.

Cape Perpetua Lighthouse

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