Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stone Mountain, Georgia

We have been here in Stone Mountain for a couple of weeks now.  The girls have really enjoyed their freedom and our walks around the lake.  It is so nice not having them on a leash when walking them and they get to run and get some good exercise.  The only thing better would have been me not having a sprained ankle as I had to walk gingerly around the sticks and pine cones that lay all over the ground.  We walked around Harry's lake every morning and evening while the ducks swam around the lake following us.  Sometimes Jemima would join us and even walked the rail to get to the island as the boards are no longer there to walk to the island. 

Buckwheat and Lucy enjoyed running together and Hayley would sometimes stand at the end of the bridge looking at the island to see if any muskrats would appear - she used to go after them as they are a nuisance and need to be gotten rid of.  It is so good to see water in the lake as high as it is.  Joe did a lot of work getting it high again - I am sure the fish appreciate it, as do the ducks.

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