Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Marilyn's Place, Walkerton, Indiana

Arrived at Marilyn's Monday afternoon. She sure does have her hands full taking care of her three grand kids while their mom is at work. I must say though that they are very well behaved and listen to her without much argument - they get their homework done; help with dishes and laundry. They moved up here this past summer before school started; Michelle is still in Georgia working, and trying to get a job up here. 

They have quite a nice farm house here surrounded by a huge corn field on a quiet country road. Their only problems are the iron in the water and the mice family living upstairs in Sammy's and Rhyse's bedrooms. There are also mice in the basement but the mouse traps do not seem to be taking care of the problem.

The dogs had a great time running around the back yard; digging in the dirt piles looking for rabbits or other little critters; running in the corn field and just having a great time.

Lucy & Hayley


Had a wonderful time visiting; it has been such a long time since we have seen each other but the friendships hold together as if we had never been apart. I guess that's what true friendship is all about. Going to miss seeing her; don't know when we will be back to visit. Hope she can come down to Tennessee to visit with us next summer.

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