Saturday, July 17, 2004

Trip to Colorado

July 2004 took us back to Colorado to attend the POA meeting of Silver Spurs Ranch. First long trip for the RV and we really enjoyed it. Figured it cost us over $800 in gas for the two week trip though -- our Excursion is a gas hog. It took three days out and three days back, which sure takes a lot of time out of the vacation.

We stayed in Walsenburg for the week while we walked the property to find all four survey points (which we found!); met with Mike Ferraro to talk about a road and drainage ditch onto the property. Also met with the douser who located where the well should be and with well drillers to get water up there. It was definitely a productive trip in that respect.

Met a wonderful couple at the campground in Walsenburg -- Don & Shirley Phillips. Their trailer broke an axle and they were stuck there while a new one was ordered and installed. Really enjoyed talking and visiting with them and learned some RV tips about campgrounds and low cost camping. Hope to see them again once we head out full time in about 3 or 4 years.

From Walsenburg we went to Denver to visit Dennis & Judy Hunter for a few hours Sunday afternoon before heading to Estes Park. Dennis had a huge project he was working on so they were not able to come up and visit with us.

Sunday night we went to a rodeo; Monday morning went horseback riding in the mountains and got caught in a hail storm -- boy that was cold and wet! Freaked the horses out so we waited under a tree for it to calm down. Back at camp we found a bid pile of hail that had dripped from our canopy. (We later discovered hundreds of tiny holes in the canopy where the hail had hit it.) We then walked around the town of Estes Park and hiked the Rocky Mountains. It was great being back in the mountains.

There was one couple at Spruce Lake in Estes Park doing work camping -- they said we should stay and work there -- they needed help and felt we should have no problem finding work when we do go full timing. Nice to know since that is what we will be doing.

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