Monday, April 14, 2014

Josh, Karen, Ellie & Jason visit Yogi Bear Jellystone Park

Josh, Karen, Ellie & Jason came up to visit last week and stayed in one of the Yogi cabins for two nights.  Oh, and also Kayla, their dog came too.  We had Thursday off and they got here that morning so we were able to have lunch, play a game of miniature golf, and then went swimming.  The swimming area has a lot of things spraying water and Ellie said she did not want sprinkles, so we went to the other side where the water was not very deep and there were no sprinkles.  The water was also warm, just like bath water.  We all swam, and even went down the slides.  Ellie decided the sprinkles were not so bad and really enjoyed herself.  Even Jason enjoyed being in the water, warm and floating and almost falling asleep.

Grandpa took Ellie for a ride in the golf cart, which she enjoyed beyond words. She kept saying "Oh, there's another golf cart."  After dinner Jim had to turn on the movie, so we sat and watched Harry and the Hendersons.

Ellie painted a lamb on Saturday morning, before the center opened.  Grandma helped hold the lamb while she painted, and then helped with the lamb's eyes.  Ellie liked making funny faces while I took her picture with her lamb.

Friday we went in to work around noon in time for Jim to bring out the Yogi train at 1.  Of course, the family had to go for a ride, which was also great fun for Ellie. There was also fishing in the lake, making faces out of the window of the cabin, getting hugs from Cindy Bear, painting a ceramic lamb.

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