Saturday, March 26, 2016

Luckenbach, Texas

Of course, we had to make a stop in historic Luckenbach, Texas (Go to Luckenbach, Texas, Willie, Waylon and the boys .....).  There was a group of bikers there, as well as many families.  The famous Post Office is now a store, and they also have a hat store, small restaurant and large open arena where they hold concerts, which are many.  They also have a primitive campground if you wanted to camp there.

Members of the Luckenbach family and other German immigrants moved here from Fredericksburg in the 1850s.  They settled along Grape Creek and soon established a school for their children. The Grape Creek Post Office was in operation briefly after 1858 with William Luckenbach as First Postmaster.  Later settlers included August Engel, who served as First Postmaster when the Post Office was re-established here in 1886 under the name of Luckenbach.

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