Monday, February 3, 2014

Biloxi, MS; Gulf Islands National Seashore, Florida

We arrived at Gulf Islands National Seashore on January 31 to spend a couple of days.  Got to use my senior pass for the National Park System so it only cost us $11 a night.  We went into Biloxi to see the Visitor Center and the Katrina Sculptures.  Hurricane Katrina brought down so many trees along US 90 in Biloxi that a wood sculptor turned the trees into fabulous sculptures that stretch for 40 miles. There are perched pelicans, soaring eagles, and playful dolphins along the beach, which have become the number one tourist attraction in the area. 

One day while Jim was out for a walk, I was in the bathroom cleaning up and the girls were outside on a lead, I heard a ruckus outside and went out to see what was going on and lo and behold, there was Terry & Evelyn.  We met them while workamping in Minnesota in 2012 and struck up a friendship with them.  We have seen them again while workamping at Amazon and then visited with them in Biloxi last year and then again this year.  The girls absolutely adore them and are really happy to see them (and so are we).

The area around the Gulf Islands is quiet and a great place to walk. There is the Davis Bayou Trail Guide, a short trail that goes into the swamp a little bit.  We enjoyed walking the trail as well as around the campground and picnic area.

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